Idora - Wildcat

2016 - Kivel Records


Being a huge Tango Down fan, I couldn’t wait for this album to be released. After Charming Devil, I’m thinking, “how are they gonna top this?” Well let me tell you, they topped it and then some!

Kicking off with Punching Bag, in your face, we mean business, flat out, kick ass rock! I love this tune and it’s already my favorite track. Great groove and really gets this album off to a great start!

I already know I’m gonna love this album. After rocking with Punching Bag the next track starts playing and instantly I’m taken back to 1987. Give Me a Reason is 2016’s Hysteria. This track will instantly become a tune you will want to listen to over and over. Fantastic guitar work from the one and only, Scott “RIF” Miller.  I love the HUGE harmonies on this track, definitely single material.

The title track Bulletproof, blast’s right out of the gate, with soaring vocals and the thundering, powerhouse drumming of Keith Michaels.  Great solid track, Tango Down took another shot and nothing is gonna take them down!

You can definitely hear the Ratt influence in the next track, Carry On. Solid driving bass groove from Axel K. Gessner and Chas Wests’ vocals are next to none.

When We Were Young is another classic written by, Jace Pawlak, and a near perfect tune for Tango Down. They really shine on this track, with backing vocals from Erik Johnson, make this song a great arena anthem, with your hands held high, waving back and forth, hoping your thumb don’t get burnt by your lighter!

More thundering drum work from Keith Michaels, as he attacks the next track, Going Under. If you have the stereo cranked when this song starts, which you should, be prepared to have your head blown off! The guitar work on this tune is fabulous. Great solo from the RIF man!

Fast paced like a locomotive running out of control, Superstar grabs you right out of the gate and just won’t let go. This one is made to be played at maximum volume, barreling down the highway with the pedal to the metal!

Another fabulous ballad written by Jace Pawlak, Edge of Goodbye is dripping with emotion with every word. This tune will be a crowd favorite.

Two tracks to go and so far as the old saying goes…. ALL KILLER AND NO FILLER! The guys in Tango Down have really out done themselves with this one.

Anything Can Change, what a great tune about going through a bad time in a relationship and coming out of it even better than it was before. Just an awesome feel good song!

The closing track to this superb album is Broken Heart. Looking at the title, you’re thinking ballad. But, just as the opening track grabs you, this entire album doesn’t let you go, all the way to the last track. Down and dirty all the way to the gritty guitar solo, it seems you just can’t catch your breath.

This superb release from Kivel Records will leave you breathless from start to finish.

Produced by Ty Sims, and Executive Producer John Kivel. This album went above and beyond my expectations and will do the same for you.

Catch these guys live if you can because they are awesome and just keep getting better!

Get your copy now at and don’t wait, its already sold out of the first pressing in less than a week!

My hat is off to these guys with this one….. Fantastic job!!!

What a great thing the internet is, there are a ton of great new bands out there that a lot of people would never know about if not for it. Idora is one of them. Their brand new release, Wildcat, was recently featured on the Glam Rock City Facebook page as an “On the Right Track” artist of the month.

Hailing from L.A. with strong ties to Youngstown Ohio, Idora get cranking with the title track after a short intro.

Man this tune comes from out of nowhere and just kicks you in the head. With a fast paced tempo and a great double kick drum beat straight out of the Judas Priest School of Rock.  It will for sure get you going. My advice… if you’re driving in a fast car be careful or you may find flashing lights in your rearview mirror.

The one two punch that opens this album continues with the next track, Go For The Throat. With huge backing vocals and a fantastic groove, they not only go for the throat, but grab you and don’t let go! The blistering guitar work from Mike Floros really shines on this track. And as a huge Y&T fan, great job covering this tune guys!

Little Miss Rosie comes in next and grabs you and the one, two punch turns quickly into a one, two, three punch! I love the guitar tone on this song. So far this is my favorite track from the album. The guitar reminds me of some early Def Leppard. A sing a long song that makes you want to listen again and again.

Silver and Black, What can I say! As a musician myself, I really dig a good instrumental, and I’m digging this one for sure. Every musician in the band is showcased on this track which makes it different than most instrumentals that are mostly guitar driven. Big shout out to Mike Talanca for the superb bass work on this track.

Next up is a Bad Company cover. Simple Man. Brian Colkitt’s vocals on this track are really, really good. Paul Rogers is not an easy act to follow and Brian does an extraordinary job! My hat is off to you sir!

As I stated earlier, the band has strong ties to Youngstown Ohio. The next track, Greased and Primed is from a Youngstown band called Lazarus. As I was chatting with Mike Floros the other day about the album, he mentioned that one of the goals of the band was to pay tribute to a Youngstown band on every album and I think that is awesome. This is a great tune and should be a staple at live shows.

Heaven Seventeen, another track with BIG harmonious backing vocals and a dual guitar solo that comes blasting out of nowhere and makes you wanna grab your air guitar and jam right along with it. This one will be another crowd pleaser.

Saints and Sinners starts with big vocals and just goes right into a bang your head groove. Then, more big harmonies! The break down bass groove is kicking on this track and gives you a little break, then right back to banging your head!

More great guitar work right out of the gate from Mike Floros on the next track, Medusa. A slow grooving song, and fitted perfectly on the album. The screaming guitar solo on this one is fantastic and complements the song very well.

The final track, Superman, opens with an Yngwie Malmsteen type intro, (think “I’ll see the light tonight”) and a great way to end this album. More great dual guitar work. This tune seems to grab you, give you a little break, then grabs you again and won’t let go.

Produced by Mike Floros and Brian Colkitt, Mixed and Mastered by Johnny Lima the album as a whole has a good ole Keel feel to it. This will be a great addition to any 80’s Fans collection! GREAT JOB GUYS!



Jace Pawlak - Promise

​2016 - Kivel Records

Tango Down - Bulletproof

First and foremost, I am a DIE HARD hair metal fan but I also LOVE melodic rock.

I have heard a few tracks from Jace before and absolutely loved them.

This guy can write songs like nobody’s business. I can promise you, he is THE best song writer you have never heard of.

I got this CD already knowing I would like it.

I popped it in the CD player………. And BAM!!!!! The harmonies!!!!!!

I was hooked from the first track.

Tonight Is Everything…… great opening track! You hear this song and you are like WOW!

My first thought was……. REFRESHING! Superb track for opening an album!

This song is sooooo good! I wanted to fast forward to hear the second one but couldn’t make myself stop listening. Superb song writing, superb singing, what a fantastic song!

The next track… Before You Run…… I’m thinking, this album just keeps getting better!

This track to me has a Bryan Adams feel to it. Hooks and harmonies, I love it!!!! So far so good! Just keeps getting better!

Next we slow down with Every Now and Then. What a great ballad. So far I can’t get enough of this album. Again ……SO REFRESHING!!! I had to listen to this track twice before I could go on. Trevor Pawlak’s guitar work on this track hooks you right from the opening riff!

Next is Too Late.  A very uplifting track, fast paced and something you want to listen to while driving. This album just keeps getting better track after track. Again, such superb song writing, just UN heard of in this day in age.

Trying Not To Love You. Again, Harmonies, Harmonies, HARMONIES!!!! This album is so far one of the best albums I have heard in years! I can’t stop listening! This song should be on every radio stations play list!!!!! Dennis Pawlak’s guitar playing is next to none on this track!

I can’t wait for the next track!

Waiting….another great track, overwhelming hooks and harmonies!!!!  Just can’t get enough of this album! Co-written by Scott “Rif” Miller, what can I say? I am hooked and can’t stop listening!

Next up is, Leap Of Faith, another great ballad. Didn’t I tell you this guy was a great song writer? So far this album is scaring me! YES! It’s that GOOD! All I can say is WOW!  Can’t get enough!

Late On Loving you is up next, this track will catch you with the  opening vocals and won’t let you go.

You will be singing this song for days and love every minute of it! Featuring the lead guitar work of Dominic Gaudious. This is a song you can’t forget.

After listening twice I go to the next track, Can’t Find Your Heart, takes me back to 1987 and that’s where I want to be. If I was in a bad mood this track would immediately get me out of it. This track has a 'Here I Go Again" feel to it.

The final track, Nothing But Rain… more blistering guitar work from Dennis Pawlak. I’m gonna say, this is my favorite song from this release.

I will be playing this album for months as I can’t get enough of it.

Superb song writing, superb musicianship, awesome vocals and GREAT album art!

Mixed and Mastered by Ty Sims

Another FANTASTIC release from Kivel  Records!

If you don’t have this album you are truly missing out!


Full of harmonies!

By far the best release of 2016!